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leadership TEAM

share, integrate, impact

Stefano and Brady  met at the Harvard Medical School in Boston in 2016. The idea behind QuantumSPEKTRAL was conceived while preparing  an exam on the well-known case of Betsy A. Lehman, a Boston Globe columnist aged 39 in 1995 who died receiving massive overdoses of an experimental treatment for advanced breast cancer at one of the country's most prestigious cancer hospitals.

Brady and Stefano wondered how loads of clinical data and one of the most advanced medical analytics systems in the USA could end up actually concealing reality and preventing information from being shared and used.

In 2019 they met Davide, who proudly began his career as an Engineer at the age of 12 by hacking his mother's Commodore Amiga CD32, with whom they immediately shared a common vision of analytical  complexity reduction and responsible artificial intelligence.  Nima joined the team soon afterwards and with Stefano they started  applying medical AI  with published medical research in bias mitigation and applied quantum computing in medicine. In 2023 Cveti joined the team to define the strategy and the metrics for a new generation of sustainable and responsible computing technologies.

Today, QuantumSPEKTRAL is a Group deploying technologies, products, and services ranging from Ultra Low Emission Quantum Computing to Extended Reality (XR), Distributed Autonomous Digital Medicine (DADM), AI-enhanced Data-driven Precision Medicine, Clinical Metaverse, Metaverse E-commerce, and ... more to come.

Stefano , Brady, Nima, and Cveti  are  serving members of the Harvard University, Harvard Medical School (HMS), Harvard Business School (HBS), University College London (UCL), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan (MIT Sloan) Alumni communities.  

The spirit is always the same - reduce complexity, increase impact, use your own mind and hands, and: “... time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition… Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” (Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech, 2005).

Leadership Team

Brady Fish


Head of AI Technologies applied to Mobility

Head of of Business Development (US, Canada & Americas)

Head of Partnerships (US, Canada & Americas)

Cveti Yotova


Head of ESG  Strategy

Head of  Sustainable and Responsible Computing Strategy

Head of Investor Relations

Head of of Business Development (EU)

Head of Partnerships (EU)

Stefano Olgiati


Head of  Medical AI

Head of  Experimental Quantum Machine Learning in Medicine

Head of Clinical Validation

Davide Meloni


Head of  AI

Head of  Quantum Computing

Head of Experimental Space Clouding

Head of Technology

Head of Operations

Martin Flemming ffrench Blake


Head of Digital Biotech

Head of of Business Development (UK)

Head of Partnerships (UK)

Nima Heidari


Head of Clinical Research

Head of Digital Medicine

Head of Digital Therapeutics

Mattia Gomez Gane


Head of Experimental AI Technologies for the Development of Space Economy

Federico Vasoli

Counselor General

Rossella Fornasiero

Head of Finance

Rocco Santoro

Head of Statistics

Head of Medical Statistics

Lorenzo Minghetti


Head of Investment

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